Blitz-Script this is the first win-win online Lotto

In Blitz-Script you can earn or carry out your part to play will not work!

Blitz-Script this is the first win-win online Lotto. In this Lotto, no one will ever lose, in any case, the player can either earn or take his part.

Creating online Lotto Blitz-Script, was studied all the advantages and disadvantages of the previous years lottery. Therefore, in this lottery takes into account all the necessary nuances to each player not only had the opportunity to win the Grand prize, but also got the pleasure of participating in the game. 

You can be 100% confident in the reliability and honesty of the developers. They made sure that every player was pleased, therefore, none of the participants is left with empty hands. And then how many each player will take, depends on the player!

Thanks Blitz-Script you can uncover unexplored to this character. In this lottery you will be able to test the resilience, patience, greed and willpower. After all, only the player who in time will be able to sell your ticket can earn the most. Everything is in Your hands!

How to start playing ?

It's simple as one-two-three!

Start earning


We always working to add new methods withdraw the cash for your convenience.

It is easy to derive now on:

Blitz-Script is in the process of obtaining a European gaming license and thereafter be more ways to withdraw funds!

Want to earn more?

Earn money by inviting friends to Blitz-Script!

You can earn not only by playing or winning , but for bringing their friends.

In our game there is an affiliate Commission in the amount of seven and three percent with the Deposit given to you players!

Just copy the affiliate link from the section Partners and moved to your friends! When your friend place their first Deposit, you will receive a Commission and will be able to use it to buy tickets and then for withdrawal!

You receive a Commission c two levels! This means that if your friends bring new players - you earn!

Play with your friends in Blitz-Script, compete and earn!